This holiday season, you can gift yourself some savings and take control of your energy usage with one simple tool. 

Our project manager and energy expert, Brittany, is here to answer your questions about the Energy Dashboard. Below are commonly asked questions from AEP Ohio customers like you. 

Brittany, AEP Ohio Energy Expert

Q: What is the Energy Dashboard?

Brittany: The Energy Dashboard — which works with your electric meter — is an online tool that allows customers to learn more about their energy usage. With usage data displayed as helpful charts and graphs, customers can identify what actions use the most energy throughout their home and make timely changes to save on their monthly bill. 

Q: Does every customer have access to the Energy Dashboard?

Brittany: Yes, all active AEP Ohio customers have access to the Energy Dashboard, but select features may differ for each customer. 

Q: How can I access the Energy Dashboard? 

Brittany: Active AEP Ohio customers can access the Energy Dashboard through their online account at Once logged in, click the tab labeled “Energy Dashboard and Usage” to get started. 

Q: What information is available through the Energy Dashboard?

Brittany: Customers can view their overall usage month by month, highest usage days, annual usage data and helpful tips to save on their next monthly bill. Customers can also receive high bill alerts, which notify them if their usage is higher than normal and what steps can be taken to save both money and energy. 

Q: How can I take advantage of this smart technology?

Brittany: Understanding and reviewing usage data allows customers to apply our savings tips within their own homes. They’re able to understand the costs associated with energy usage and see where they can adapt their habits to save month by month. 

Interested in learning more about your Energy Dashboard? Take control of your energy usage today by logging into your account at

Have additional questions? Check out our FAQs or let us know in the comments below. 


17 responses to “Gift Yourself with Savings: Helpful Tips from Our Energy Expert

  1. I’m very energy conscious but my family that visits me during the holidays are not I will
    Try my best to educate them so my bill will be much lower than it is now????

  2. I still can’t figure out why my electric bill is so high. I have watched videos, did all of the tips and every month my bill goes up. I can’t figure this out but thank you for the video.

    1. So sorry to hear that, Ruth. If you haven’t tried these already, here’s a good list of low-cost suggestions to consider:

  3. Why did you stop “It’s your power “app. It was good at showing where you use power in your home. Is there any third party software that allows you to view your power meter in real time


    1. Mary, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your bill please feel free to give us a call at 800-672-2231.

  5. I liked the app where I could change my thermostat from my phone from anywhere. Is there something I can download that I could do that now?

    1. Hi Ashley. Good question, thanks for checking in. Many smart home devices can be controlled by apps from their manufacturer. There are also universal smart home hubs you can use. Please check the website of your device’s manufacturer’s website for more info and compatible products.

  6. Why not use the AEP It’s Your Power app that worked just great. Lets one monitor the energy usage and control it plus the peak power demand option. Why is it not possible for AEP to re-instate this great app? I still have my energy bridge and thermostat.

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