The holiday season can be expensive, however there’s still ways to gift yourself. Yes, that’s right. Give yourself the gift of savings this holiday season with these three energy efficient tips.

Consider classic décor for your home

Traditional decorations like evergreen wreaths and swags, popcorn garland, nutcrackers and homemade ornaments can make your home look cozy and festive without the electricity costs that go along with lighted displays.

Switch to LEDs for your holiday lighting

LED lights use 75 percent less energy than incandescent light strings, and last 25 times longer. Also, LED lights are safer to use because they generate less heat.

Time it right

Use timers to schedule your lighted displays to come on when the sun goes down, and more importantly, turn off when they aren’t being enjoyed. This can save a bundle in electricity costs and help save time by creating automatic routines.

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