This holiday season, you can gift your business some savings by taking control of your energy usage. Your AEP Ohio account makes it easy to track your company’s energy usage, see your monthly bill or choose a payment method that best fits your needs. And, this can be done from all devices — including your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. 

With the data available, business customers can make smarter budgeting decisions based on energy usage over time. Below are three key features that you can access through your online account. 

#1: Compare Your Energy Usage Over Time

This feature allows you to view your energy usage data over the past three years and compare it across different timeframes. You can also see how weather impacted your usage and determine next steps for saving energy in the new year. 

#2: Gather Information from Your Monthly Payments

Using this feature will allow you to compare charges from previous billing statements and view your billing history trends. A high-level explanation of changes helps you understand where money was spent over the previous year. 

#3: Collect Energy-Efficient Recommendations for Your Facility

Whether it’s comparing your facility’s operations to similar sites or determining what’s consuming the most energy, we’ve enhanced this feature to help your business become more energy efficient. You can also receive information on high energy usage outside of business  hours and see how weather is making an impact with annual demand data. 

See the features

If you haven’t already, register for your online account today at to access these enhanced features and manage your bill. Please note that some charts and graphs may take up to one business day to appear on your account after registration. 

Questions? Contact our Customer Solutions Center at 1-800-710-4237. 

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  1. I installed LED light bulbs this summer. Is there a credit or assistance that AEP offers that provides a matching expense to my out of pocket to cover some of the costs?

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