As the new year approaches, evaluate how your business can cut down on energy usage –– helping lower monthly bills, reduce emissions and eliminate waste. 

Here’s five helpful tips to help jumpstart energy efficiency in the workplace in 2020. 

Tip #1: Rely On Natural Light

Sunlight is an energy efficient alternative that provides lighting similar to overhead lights. Instead of flipping the switch, open your blinds on the next sunny day or work in an area with an abundance of natural light. 

Tip #2: Set Back The Thermostat 

Optimize savings by adjusting the building temperature during hours of operation. Using programmable or smart thermostats allows you to determine accurate heating and cooling throughout the day –– and the temperature needed outside of normal business hours. 

Tip #3: Turn Off The Lights

Lights left on in bathrooms, conference rooms or communal spaces use a lot of energy. Keep the lights off in spaces that are aren’t being used or consider installing occupancy sensors so lights are turned off when the room is empty.

Tip #4: Power Down

Office computers and large equipment continue to use power, even when unused. Encourage colleagues to turn off their computers when leaving for the day or install automatic sleep settings on all electronic devices. Unplugging small kitchen appliances like coffee makers and microwaves can also help cut back on energy costs. 

Tip #5: Take Precautionary Measures

Cooler weather can bring unwanted inconveniences such as leaks through doors and windows, which also wastes energy. Reduce your heating and cooling costs by weather-stripping doors and windows in your office. 

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