As we continue to explore the benefits of electrification for your business, we’re diving into electric vehicle (EV) adoption. 

Electric technologies are cost-effective for a number of personal and fleet applications, and we want to support you in this evolution. The benefits of electric transportation include lower maintenance and fuel costs, elimination of tailpipe emissions and better fuel cost predictability than volatile oil-based fuels.  

And it’s not just cars. From buses and electric forklifts to conveyors, people movers and truck refrigeration units — there are many types of electric vehicles that can fit within your business model. 

Did You Know?

  • The cost to charge an electric car is about one-third the cost to fuel a gas-powered car — and even less with off-peak charging. 
  • Maintenance costs for an electric car are about half that of a gas model.
  • Many new battery-electric models exceed 300 miles on a single charge and can drive coast-to-coast using Tesla or Electrify America stations. Plug-in hybrids give you the flexibility to drive electric on a daily basis, but use gasoline to take long trips. 

Electric Vehicle Calculator 

Learn the benefits of driving electric vehicles for yourself, your business and the environment. This tool can help you understand whether an electric car or fleet fits your situation, how much money you can save, and the emissions you can avoid. Simply adjust the details to fit your business and select the vehicles you would like to compare.

Try the Calculator > 

Our Team Can Help

We believe the future holds boundless opportunities to come together with communities to build the future of energy. And electric cars are a key feature of a future sustainable economy. 

In addition to helping you determine the financial benefits of converting, we have tools and partners ready to help you find incentives and rebates wherever possible. 

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