Do you have higher bills in the winter? A lot of factors impact how hard your furnace has to work to combat the cold Ohio temperatures –– from how well your home is insulated to the age of your furnace. 

There are also a few other factors that can impact what you pay each month:

Extra Billing Days

It’s normal for the number of days in each billing cycle to change from month to month. More days per cycle will cause your bill to be higher. You can see the number of days in your billing cycle on the front page of your bill.

Energy Supply Rates

AEP Ohio delivers energy to your home and maintains power lines and equipment. Customers who select another company to supply their power through our lines may have different rates. See page three of your bill to learn about choosing who generates your power and visit for energy providers and their rates.

What You Can Do

Keep your payments consistent throughout the year with our Average Monthly Payment (AMP) plan. It balances out your bill by making minor adjustments each month, so you don’t experience extreme highs and lows.

Have a smart meter? It can help too

Your new smart meter can help you take control of your electric usage. Download our IT’S YOUR POWER app to:

  • Pinpoint when you use electricity throughout the day
  • Set a budget goal or electricity usage target and get alerts to stay on track
  • See when your usage is higher than normal so you can make adjustments
  • Get tips and projects to help meet your goal or target
  • Request a free Energy Bridge device to unlock additional savings features

If you have questions about any of these options or are having trouble paying your bill, please contact our Customer Solutions Center at 1-800-672-2231. Visit for additional information and energy saving tips.

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