Spring has sprung and we’re all excited to kick off our seasonal landscaping and yardwork—but before you dig in, it’s important to take appropriate safety measures. Check out the tips below to find out how you can protect yourself and others from planting pitfalls. 

Call Before You Dig

The biggest danger you face when planting on your property is accidentally digging into an underground power line. This is why, at least 48 hours before starting any planting project, you need to call OHIO811 or 800-362-2764 . Calling OHIO811 connects you with the Ohio Call Before You Dig hotline, which allows you to request any underground lines on your property be marked clearly above ground to help you avoid serious injury, expenses or possible penalties. Before calling, make sure you have the following information handy:

  • The address of where you plan to dig
  • The county you’re digging in and the nearest cross street
  • The type of project you’re completing 
  • The exact area on the property where you’re planning to dig

Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

Knowing the potential height and canopy spread of any trees you’re going to plant will help ensure branches will be clear of power lines once the tree is fully grown. 

  • Small trees such as redbud, dogwood and crabapple should be planted 10-25 feet away from power lines.
  • Medium trees such as Washington hawthorn and golden rain tree should be planted 25-50 feet away from power lines.
  • Tall trees such as maple, oak, spruce and pine should be planted at least 50 feet away from overhead lines.

Tree Care Tips

Learning to take care of your new tree is essential to promote its growth and well-being. Brush up on these tips from our Forestry team and Acorn Farms.

  • Maintain consistent upkeep throughout the year. 
  • Remove any infected or diseased limbs.
  • Consider the type of soil you plant your tree in. From heavy soil to wet soil, each tree grows best in different soil conditions. If your tree doesn’t like moisture, be sure to look into installing a drainage system or a way to deter water from the roots.

Learn more about planning before you plant by visiting our website.

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