Decorating for the holiday season is a great way to be merry and participate in the holiday season, but it can make a costly time of year even more expensive. 

Consider these energy efficient holiday decorations as you begin to get into the holiday spirit.

Outdoor and Indoor Lights
Lights hung on trees or roofs are a great way to make your business shine during the holiday season. Purchase LED lights and strand lights to decorate and save energy. ENERGY STAR® qualified LED lights use 70% less energy than traditional bulbs. They’re brighter, eco-friendly and safer, since they are much cooler than incandescent lights.

Path Lights
These come in festive designs and welcome customers into your business. Line your walkway with LED lights to save money and keep customers safe as they enter.  

While warm and cozy in the wintertime, traditional candles are not always the safest option due to fire hazards. LED flameless candles are safe and energy efficient alternatives. 

Unlit Decorations
There are ways to decorate for the holiday season without using electricity. Place ornaments in a glass jar for table decorations, add tinsel and bows for a touch of sparkle, or place figurines on office surfaces such as desks, shelves and countertops. 

Whether real or faux, greenery doesn’t use energy. Use greenery for garland, indoor or outdoor wreaths, floral arrangements and more. Add LED lights and festive ribbon for an extra touch.

Power Strips
Use smart power strips to corral extra cords during the holiday season. These strips can sense when a device is turned off or not being used and will shut off the power automatically. Be sure to visit to compare energy efficiency ratings to save money on smart power strips.

Light Timers
Save energy and money when your lights are not being used. Using automatic timers to turn lights off when you leave the office and when you are not at work saves the lights and the electricity for a time when more can enjoy it.

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