What does it take to be an AEP Ohio lineworker? Well, a strong cup of coffee and a fierce commitment to safety are musts. To celebrate Lineworker Appreciation Day, we’re following experienced lineworker Steve Baehr as he spends the day keeping the lights on for our customers. (Part 1 of 5)


Regulators. Crossarms. Bypass disconnect switches. You don’t have to know what these things are but Steve Baehr does … because they’re essential to keeping customers’ power flowing. We’re following him today during a peek into the life of an AEP Ohio lineworker. (Part 2)


It’s all about the great outdoors. Arriving at the job site, Steve Baehr shares his inspiration of how he became a lineworker and why he’s passionate about providing reliable service to AEP Ohio customers. (Part 3)


When you think of a lineworker, you probably think of someone who just keeps the lights on. But there’s so much more! Steve Baehr explains his day-to-day responsibilities and the tight bond he has developed with his team. (Part 4)


Like all AEP Ohio lineworkers, Steve Baehr holds one goal above all others: getting home safe at the end of the day and ensuring his fellow crewmembers do the same. In today’s final chapter, you’ll see why our Zero Harm mantra is way more than words. (Part 5)

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