Research reveals that 84% of consumers would buy an electric vehicle (EV) if they could see that it was cheaper to operate and no more expensive than a traditional vehicle. To help, AEP Ohio has launched an online tool so car buyers can compare the total cost of owning and operating an EV with that of a traditional gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle.

With the lower cost to operate, EVs often offer a lower cost of ownership over five years. This site helps make that math clearer. provides consumers with an easy way to see the cost breakdown of purchasing and powering a new vehicle. The tool shows users the current manufacturer suggested retail purchase price, cost to power each vehicle and any available rebates for the models selected. Customers can take this complete picture into account when making their purchasing decision. The site also:

  • Personalizes annual fuel cost estimates when customers enter their commute information, annual miles driven and gasoline and electric charging rates
  • Allows customers to see at a glance which EVs have battery capacity that can readily cover their daily commute
  • Provides a map of public EV charging stations in the nearby area is powered by Enervee®. In addition to cost estimates, the platform also features the Enervee Score® for Cars on every model. The closer the Enervee Score® is to 100, the lower the fuel costs and pollutant emissions – and the better the choice when compared to all other cars of the same performance.

11 responses to “Considering an Electric Vehicle? Use This New Online Tool First

  1. Reading through AEP website and how they go on and on about AEP and electric vehicles and moving into the future and how great it is. BUT AEP offers absolutely no incentives for average EV purchasers, not even with charging equipment, which almost ALL energy providers do. Time to step up AEP. There’s a difference between actually caring, and just pretending to.

    1. Hi Daniel, thanks for reaching out. We appreciate hearing from our customers. AEP Ohio is continuing to provide EV incentive offerings for our customers. We currently have a Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate pilot, this provides incentives for L2/DCFC installations that include Public/Workplace stations. This is scheduled to complete in 2022.

      AEP Ohio also filed for an additional Transportation Electrification plan in the most recent rate case, but is was not approved. However, we were able to provide our customers with a Time of Use(“TOU”) rate that will be active once approved. This can help benefit EV owners leverage off peak charging. Previously, we had negotiated incentives with auto manufacturers to provide incentives for our customers, and we’ll continue to look for new ways to offer programs to our customers.

  2. Hello there,
    Does AEP have any incentives or rebates for Kia EV6? Or any benefits for home charging during off-peak hours’?

    1. Hello Kashif. AEP Ohio does not currently have any incentives for the Kia EV6. A federal tax credit may cover charging station equipment and installation through the end of the year – you can learn more about the tax credit here:

  3. I thought there was a rebate for new EV chargers installed at home. Does AEP have nothing? I am not talking about for the vehicle or brand specific.

    1. Good question, Shelly. Unfortunately, our rebate program around electric vehicles has ended and no, we don’t offer anything around chargers installed at home.

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