Fallen trees and branches are one of the most common causes of power outages. That’s why AEP Ohio has a comprehensive, year-round tree maintenance program to manage trees and brush that grow near or around our power lines and equipment. 

And, it’s been shown to improve the reliability of your electric service. Since 2009, our tree maintenance program has reduced tree-related outages by 93%. 

Typically, we have 325 tree crews working across our service territory. So, what can you expect if tree trimming is planned in your neighborhood?

The Low-Down on the Lines We Clear 

AEP works to clear two types of power lines. One type is low-voltage distribution lines that transmit power from those substations to customers’ homes. The other is high-voltage transmission lines that transmit power to substations.

AEP Ohio’s regular tree maintenance program focuses on low-voltage distribution lines. Each electric circuit is trimmed at least once every four years. For example, the circuits that are trimmed this year will be trimmed again in 2026. However, the team keeps an eye on the circuits and considers trimming them earlier, if needed.

The frequency of tree trimming near high-voltage transmission lines that deliver electricity over long distances depends on factors like the growth rate of trees and weather conditions. Earlier this summer, AEP completed accelerated trimming around high-voltage transmission lines which ran through many of the Columbus communities we serve.  

What to Expect & When 

When it comes time for routine trimming on low-voltage distribution lines, we notify customers about two weeks in advance of our work with a postcard and automated phone call. Our work planners also go door-to-door to discuss any planned work on a customer’s property. If you aren’t home, we’ll leave a door hanger with a phone number to call if you have any questions or concerns. Additionally, we post on Nextdoor to share alerts about upcoming and ongoing maintenance. 

On the day we trim in your neighborhood, our team will knock on your door to let you know that work is beginning on your property.

“We recognize that every property has different needs,” Dale Hopkins, AEP Ohio forestry manager said. “We want to determine if there’s anything we need to consider with the property owner prior to starting our work.” 

Our tree trimming work is all about keeping your power on. For more information on our routine tree trimming maintenance program, visit AEPOhio.com/Trees


It’s important to keep your contact information up to date, so our team can reach you. To verify we have your best contact information, visit AEPOhio.com/Account.

3 responses to “Clearing the Path for Reliable Service

  1. It is necessary, legal, and prudent for AEP to trim trees to assure service. Always inspect the trimming and assure they clean up any mess or damage they cause to your property or the easement. Property owners have rights also regarding this issue and if you do not speak up if you’re unhappy, then dont expect a solution from AEP or their vendors.

  2. since the said they have the right a way to trim the trees so where do i send bill for mowing the grass in their right a way for 50 years which i charge 20 dollars a mowing

    1. Hi Donald,

      Appreciate the question. Owning property comes with obligations as in maintenance and easements. Utility easements provide connection to power, water, gas, internet and other utility services. It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain area of the easement unless specific terms assign that responsibility otherwise.

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