AEP Ohio helped The Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center upgrade its outdated lighting system to energy efficient LEDs.

By partnering with Loeb Electric and Phillips, AEP Ohio replaced nearly 200 inefficient fixtures and bulbs with LEDs that will help the center save power and money. These upgrades will reduce electricity consumption by 70-90 percent and save the center more than $3,000 annually.

Click here to see how the lighting upgrades helped the outreach center.

“The lighting systems were not as energy or cost-efficient as they could be,” said Gary Enama, an energy efficiency coordinator at AEP Ohio. “We provided incentives to help them afford retrofits and lighting changes.”

Not only will the community center save on electricity, but they will also save in maintenance costs. LEDs can last up to 15 times as long as traditional light bulbs, meaning the community center will save money by replacing lighting less frequently.

Replacing the old lighting systems with LEDs also made the center brighter, warmer and safer.

“When our board came in with all the volunteers, we really noticed the difference,” said Carol Hoeflich, the food pantry manager at the Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center.

6 responses to “LED Upgrades Help Give Back to the Community

  1. Does AEP still have a program for converting lights to led. I am chairman of the board for the Mead township park district. We have two baseball fields we would like to convert to led lighting.

    1. Hi Tim. Unfortunately, no, we no longer offer an LED lighting program. I have passed your message on to someone on our team who said he would try to search for some help for you. So keep an eye on your email. Thanks for writing and have a nice day.

  2. Hi,
    This is First United Methodist Church in New Philadelphia OHIO we are also looking at
    upgrading lighting in a building we own and have a youth group in the building. We have some 70 lights in the building the cost to repair is $7.15 per bulb. We need some
    Help covering the cost upgrades
    Jeff Fahner

    1. Hello Jeff. Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, our energy efficiency programs that provided incentives, such as those referenced in this article, were discontinued last fall. We hope to have programs again in the future, and encourage you to check in again.

  3. Hi There!

    Has AEP created any new programs for the LED lighting program?
    I work for a small business and we are looking to upgrade.

    Thank you!

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