Does this spring weather have you itching to get outside? Whether you’re considering landscaping changes or installing a new mailbox, it’s important that you know where underground utility lines are located around your property before you start any project that involves digging. 

Call 811 at least 48 hours before breaking ground. Your call alerts AEP Ohio and other utility companies of your plans to dig and allows us to send a professional to mark the approximate location of underground utility lines, free of charge. 

Damaging an underground utility line while digging can lead to serious injuries, environmental issues and power outages for your entire neighborhood (who wants to be that neighbor?) Ohio law requires that anyone digging call 811 at least 48 hours, but no more than 10 days, before digging. Failure to call could result in penalties or fines. 

Think you know what’s underground? It’s possible that utility lines have shifted or new lines were installed since you last worked in a particular area. It’s always better to be safe.

Planting just below the surface? Many utility lines are buried just a few inches below the ground. You can easily hit a line while doing small projects like planting flowers, trees or shrubs around your property. 

Installing a mailbox or light pole? Don’t risk leaving your neighbors in the dark. Areas along roads or driveways are often prime locations for underground utility lines. 

Know what’s below by calling 811 before you dig. For more safety tips and resources, visit and

2 responses to “Call Before You Dig

  1. We have called 811 Dig Ohio 3 times waiting on AEP to come out and mark the lines with no response. They are the only utility company that has yet to respond. They want you to call and make sure all lines are marked but can’t come out and do their job. Huge disappointment.

    1. Hello Tyler, that sounds very frustrating and we apologize. Someone from our customer solutions team has reached out to you to get more details so we can get this fixed.

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