As we’ve seen so far this spring, storms that cause power outages can occur at any time. Since the beginning of March alone, more than 5,000 of our crew members have worked to repair nearly 200 miles of power line and over 500 broken poles, restoring power for more than 400,000 total customers. 

Because weather can be unpredictable, especially this time of year, it’s important to be prepared. Below you’ll find tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe during the event of an storm-related outage.

Downed Line Safety 

Remember, all downed lines are dangerous — they carry an electric current that can cause serious or even fatal injuries. If you encounter a fallen wire, keep yourself and others far away from it or anything it may be touching, and call 911 and AEP Ohio immediately. Click here to learn what to do if power lines land on your car.

Generator Safety

Never plug a generator into your circuit box. Portable generators “backfeed” electricity up the line and risk the lives of repair workers and the public. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions carefully, and plug essential appliances directly into the generator. Let us know if you’re using a generator — this helps protects you and our lineworkers as they work to restore power.

Debris Removal

Limbs, leaves and other objects moved by the wind could hide downed wires.Trees damaged by wind could fall or drop broken limbs. Investigate your surroundings before trying to clean up any debris and be sure to stay away from any downed lines.

Unplug & Protect 

When the power is out, remember to unplug electronics and appliances to protect them when the power is restored. Never operate lanterns, heaters, generators, fuel-fired stoves or burn charcoal without proper ventilation to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and fires.

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