Written by Tim Wells, Economic Development Manager at AEP Ohio

The U.S. market for electric vehicles (EV) continues to grow. According to the International Energy Agency, 280,000 EVs were sold in the U.S. in 2017 — up from 160,000 in 2016. You can expect to see more EVs on the road as major automakers, including General Motors, Nissan and Toyota, announce plans to expand their offerings.

In response to the growing demand for EVs and the ability to charge them, AEP Ohio launched an incentive to encourage the installation of EV charging stations at public sites, workplaces and apartment complexes. The $10 million program will provide funding for up to 375 charging stations throughout AEP Ohio’s service territory.

In addition to providing a convenience to EV drivers, the program will also help AEP Ohio and other stakeholders, including Smart Columbus, gather information about how charging stations are being used and how they can best be deployed in Ohio and beyond.

Local governments, businesses and apartment complex owners who are AEP Ohio commercial or industrial customers are eligible to apply for the incentive program. The incentives will offset a portion of charging equipment and installation costs for 300 Level 2 and 75 DC fast charging stations.

This program is a great opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to offer constituents, customers and employees a valuable service and support a sustainable energy future.

Learn more about AEP Ohio’s charging station incentive program at AEPOhio.com/EVCharge.

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