Keeping your lights on is our top priority. Our crews are out working each and every day, making repairs and updates to our equipment to provide you with more reliable power. In our last newsletter, we shared all of the work we accomplished last year. We’re not done — we have more work to do. As part of our continued effort to improve the reliability of your service, we’ve laid out our planned upgrades for 2023 and are already off to a great start. Learn more below about what we’ll be working on in southeast Ohio.

For more information and to see our crews in action, check out this video.

8 responses to “Keeping Your Power On: Our Plans for 2023

  1. We live on Peach Ridge Road, 1.5 miles from the city limits of Athens, Ohio, 45701. When it rains we lose audible land-line service, the static is so loud, and there have been extended periods when we have zero service. Our brilliant and wonderful repair team crew puts bandaids on the problems endlessly. We don’t have adequate, high-speed internet service–it is not high speed, and is faulty. We are an EASY priority to upgrade, and frankly, we are tired and impatient for an upgrade of even basic services out here. We have been loyal customers forever, and it is time we are rewarded with what we are paying for, and not getting.

    1. Thank you for being a loyal customer, Joyce. Please reach out to our Customer Solutions Team at 800-672-2231 — someone will be able to pull up your account info and take a closer look at what’s going on.

  2. Sounds really great , you can’t imagine how nervous it gets when the wind starts howling out here in the country.
    Wondering which big gust of wind is going to knock over the tree that takes out a power line or pole .. the last 2 wind events we survived without power outages, so thank you very much for the the progress and work completed

  3. I thought AEP did great with power restoration during our recent outage. We was without power for 17 hours but considering all of the downed trees and poles due to the wind they did a great job. I was impressed.

  4. We appreciate you! With the prices going up, up, up – over $100/month for me in 1 year (electric) — it hurts but it’s nice to see where some of it goes.

    Also, your correspondence helps me feel like we will not end up as the poor people in Texas did a year or so ago – criminal what happened to them! Greed was at the root, but their politicians let them down too!

    Please keep up the good work & remember you are all one of us! You provide the electric; but we are there when you go to the hospital, restaurant, schools, grocery store … — Everyone is important & we should do unto others as we would like them to do unto us. Please be fair with price hikes.

  5. As I pay my electric bill each month, I think I’m going to invest in solar panels and then I think how long it would take me to recoup my investment. This is the first year that my electric hasn’t been off for days with the big storms and frigid temperatures. I live out in the country and have no internet provider but have internet over my cell phone. I think AEP having the helicopter clean up a bunch of trees with damaging limbs over the lines helped tremendously. Thank you for the good job. Please don’t raise your rates anymore. I’m one person with bills in the winter upwards of $400 +/- monthly. I have helped my bill by setting my thermostat to 67 degrees.

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