Keeping your lights on is our top priority. Our crews are out working each and every day, making repairs and updates to our equipment to provide you with more reliable power. In our last newsletter, we shared all of the work we accomplished last year. We’re not done — we have more work to do. As part of our continued effort to improve the reliability of your service, we’ve laid out our planned upgrades for 2023 and are already off to a great start. Learn more below about what we’ll be working on in northwest Ohio.

For more information and to see our crews in action, check out this video.

11 responses to “Keeping Your Power On: Our Plans for 2023

  1. I think that’s wonderful. I know you guys do the best you can but I know we need update to so good luck. Hope everything goes good. Makes it nice for everybody. Thank you so much.🌈❤️

  2. Our power pole by road needs to be replaced but not as bad as the pole in our yard. I have no complaints with your service. Very reliable over the years.

    1. Hi Samuel – thanks for your comment. We’re glad to hear you’ve had reliable service over the years. Please reach out to our Customer Solutions Team at 800-672-2231 about the pole you mentioned.

  3. These workers work in all kinds conditions and in dangerous areas sometimes. Thank you for everything you do.

  4. I appreciate our guys getting out in weather that is totally awful but am glad to hear things may be looking up for people that are totally electric and in their 80’s, etc. Get’s scary especially when it’s not daylight and you have no heat, etc. Hard to life garage doors so you can find the generator and fix it so the pipes don’t freeze. This year, so far, has been a blessing. We pray for you knowing that you’re freezing also and working as hard as you can. Hope your updating everything works out for you. Stay safe and God bless

  5. I am so Thankful for the job you all do. I have always had great service. To those who brave the grave weather conditions and risk their lives everyday does not go unnoticed or appreciated. May God keep them safe so they can keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. God Bless.

  6. What is an S4 Circuit ? Where can I find information on your Net Metering policy for renewables (wind / Solar) installations ?

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