With the summer heat in full swing, these simple steps can help you save energy and money while keeping your family cool:

Set the Thermostat

Turn your thermostat up a few degrees. Adjusting the temperature is one of the most effective ways to reduce cooling costs. Installing smart thermostats can help you monitor and adjust the temperature in your home so that you save energy while you’re away or asleep.

Close Blinds

Keeping window coverings shut during the hottest parts of the day can help reduce your home’s overall temperature.

Reduce Appliance Use 

Avoid using appliances that produce heat, like ovens and dryers, when it’s hot outside. You can reduce cooling costs simply by changing your everyday habits. Unplugging appliances or using smart power strips in your home can also lead to savings.

Use a Fan

Use your ceiling fan and set it to rotate counter clockwise so that it pushes cool air down. Ceiling fans create a wind chill effect, making you feel comfortable without using excess energy. This can help make your room feel up to 10 degrees cooler.

Keep Vents Clear

Move any furniture that may be blocking the vents around your home and be sure to check that they are open and free of any dust. This will allow your cooling system to circulate air more effectively. 

Seal and Insulate

Conduct a thorough inspection for air leaks around your home. Consider installing weatherstrips on the bottom of externally-facing doors and caulking the edges of your windows to prevent the loss of any cool air. You want to air condition your home, not the outdoors.

Average Monthly Payment

Help better manage your monthly electric bills with our Average Monthly Payment (AMP) plan. AMP spreads the cost of heating and cooling over the whole year to account for seasonal increases in usage.

To learn more about ways to save, visit AEPOhio.com/Savings.