Winter can bring unexpected surprises. But, don’t let it bring down your expectations for energy savings. This year, work with an AEP Ohio Energy Advisor to set your small business energy resolutions –– they can help keep you get out of the red when it comes to your energy usage.

Here are a few of the ways they can help:

  • Performing a walkthrough of your office or facility to pinpoint areas of need and opportunity,
  • Creating an energy plan tailored to your business’s goals and situation,
  • Suggesting projects that can help you to maximize the portfolio of Energy Efficiency programs targeted to you, and
  • Helping you to work with contractors to get energy savings projects started and completed.

Have you wondered what specific things Energy Advisors review during walkthroughs and project support? Here are the types of areas your advisor can help to assess:

  • Use of Lighting Systems and Upgrades: LED bulbs, replacing fluorescent or incandescent, can make all the difference. Additionally, LED exit signs, exterior lighting and occupancy sensors or lighting controls make your energy use smart.
  • Building Insulation and Sealing: Drafty offices and storage spaces can let out the heat. Keep it in with modern insulation and sealed openings.
  • HVAC System Maintenance and Inspection Program: Annual inspections to heating and cooling systems can mean dollars in your bank account.
  • Equipment and Motor Operations: Humidity controls, C02 sensors, and VFDs for fans can help your safety and savings add up. 
  • Power Management for Office Equipment: Plug load controls for office equipment help ease your energy usage when items are not in use.
  • Energy Conservation Strategies for Appliances and Vending Machines: Using a high efficiency water heater and installing vending machine power controls are wise solutions for savings.

With a clear picture of your energy reality––and energy resolutions for making improvements––you can make the most of the free services with your AEP Ohio Energy Advisor in 2020. 

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