It’s not uncommon to find a second refrigerator hiding somewhere in any given home. Whether it’s stowed away in a corner of the garage or sitting in a basement behind boxes, chances are that you probably somebody with an old, working refrigerator.

Handling the removal of an old appliance can seem like a hassle. Paying for pick-up or taking the appliance to a recycling facility can be a time consuming process. Instead we often hang on to it, telling ourselves it will be used as a backup in case we run out of space. Despite our best intentions, for the majority of the year that old fridge will likely sit where it is—wasting energy. But it doesn’t have to. 

AEP Ohio’s Appliance Recycling Program makes it easy. Let us pick up and recycle your older working refrigerator or freezer and you’ll:

  • Get $50
  • Save up to $150 a year on energy costs
  • Have a positive impact on the environment

We’re dedicated to protecting the environment. Once reclaimed, 95% of these units are recycled, and all recycling procedures follow guidelines and best practices promoted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Looking to pitch that old appliance?

Check out following requirements and schedule pickup today at or by calling 866-899-9862.

AEP Ohio has partnered with Recleim LLC to provide this convenient service to our customers.

6 responses to “It Pays to Recycle Your Old Fridge

  1. Hello,

    What would it take to have an old freezer scheduled to be taken in exchange for the $50 mentioned in the email I received?

    1. Hey Mark. You can visit or call us at (866) 899-9862 to schedule an appointment to pick up your freezer.

    1. Hi Lynne. The rebate value has changed occasionally based on seasonal promotions and participation over the years. If you have questions about the amount you were awarded, please call us at (800) 672-2231. Sorry for any confusion about this.

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